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Welcome on the website about the unknown former German WW2 radarstation Seeadler (1943-1944) between Muiden and Weesp near Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

For many years 'Seeadler' was a mystery for experts and other people interested, including airforce historians. In German and Dutch archives very little information can be found regarding this radarstation.

It was known the German occupier built a radarstation with that animal name 'near the town of Diemen'. But when, where and how it looked was unknown. An investigation in 1996 by the Municipality of Diemen and the Dutch Royal Air Force yielded no new information.
The constructions were described in 1991 and the Menno van Coehoorn Foundation performed archive research. The name stayed unknown, the foundations weren't recognised and the underground remains weren't mentioned.

Using the Internet Michel van Best - who knew the radarstation from publications and archives - came into contact with René Ros - who knew some constructions without function in the fields. We can say that then, January 2001, it became commonly known (again) were 'Seeadler' was build.

The purpose of this website is to collect and to provide information known about this unique and secret structure. The radarstation is in an area for which plans existed and we hoped knowledge about the Funkmeßgerät Stellung 'Seeadler' would contributes to merging it into the plans.

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