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Resistance Map
Part of the map by the Albrecht Group.
(Image: NIOD)

Resistance Drawing
Drawing by the Albrecht Group of a Wurzburg-Riese radar near Weert (Southern Netherlands). Here problems with the measurements also?
(Image: NIOD)


Several resistance groups were active, some solely focused on intelligence gathering, during the years of German occupation of The Netherlands. Below are a few texts found in the reports of these groups which were sent to London. The information is used in the other pages.

A report by the Military Intelligence Service, dated October 26, 1943, notes:

"A structure near Weesp was built with two parabolic antennas and one rectangular frame, similar to other locations (Harderwijk for example). A wooden tower was put up also, the shape is yet unknown."

The Albrecht Group writes in a report 'to Eagle' (London) on March, 10th 1944 (the numbers refer to the map on the right):

6. 2 listening-installations shell-formed diam. 3 1/2 M.
5. Complex of ab. 10 huts, three stone ones, 25 x 10.
7. 2 Observation-towers ab. 20 M.
8. Little stone-building, to it lead 3 telephone-wires (11)
9. ab. 6 little barns 5 x 5 M2.
10. b.w.ent. [barb wire entanglement]
12. at the westside of the road 4 telephone-wires, at the eastside of the road 2 telephone-wires and 10 cables.
Occ. Till december '43 ab. 100 W.L.sold.gold-brown-pip., after this time ab. 15 W.L.sold.gold-brown.pip."

Already the next day, March, 11th 1944, the report writes about 'Airforce Muiden':

"Listeningpost evacuated. The troops have gone according to information of the inhabitants the listening installation went to Russia."

The name 'Seeadler' is seen again on June 21st, 1944 in the town Oude Sluis (60 km NNW):

"At the crossing in the village is a board pointing into the direction Anna Paulowna "Seeadler" red letters on white background. black brim"

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